PhD students’ posters and presentations

Lucija Krce et al. – Bacterial growth in the presence of laser produced silver nanoparticles

Marjan Krstić et al. – Ligated silver hydride nanoclusters for hydrogen storage and catalysis

Marjan Krstić et al. – Revealing the Origin of High Selectivity and Catalytic Activity of Small Ru Clusters in the Methanation of CO

Martina Požar et al. – On the existence of a scattering pre-peak in the mono-ols and diols

Tomislav Rončević et al. – Targeted amplicon sequencing for obtaining novel antimicrobial peptide sequences

Tomislav Rončević et al. – Activity and Selectivity Of PGLa-H Tandem Repeat Peptides Against Multidrug Resistant Clinical Bacterial Isolates

Željka Sanader et al. – Tunning Lintear and Non-linear Optical Properties of Ligated Silver Clusters by Synergistic Role of Subunits