PhD dissertations

Marijana Mijaković – Microheterogeneity in Ethanol-Water Mixture

Nada Ilić – Design and testing of Adepantins – functional artificial antibiotics

Sofia Pinto – Computational analysis of human plasma n-glycome and genotypes

Bernarda Lovrinčević, née Kežić – Statistical and thermodynamical analysis of the micro-structure in molecular emulsions

Marjan Krstić – Role of metallic nanoclusters in catalysis for fuel cell feed gas purification and hydrogen storage

Željka Sanader – Optical properties of noble metal nanocluster hybrids and their potential for biosensing

Jadranko Batista – Selection of representative set of membrane proteins of known structure: Development of improved algorithms using the random model concept

Martina Požar – On the nature of structural fluctuations in complex liquids

Tomislav Rončević – Identification, redesign and characterization of anuran antimicrobial peptides (From targeted DNA sequencing and database analyses to peptide antibiotics)

Ivana Gunjača – Identification of genetic factors associated with total serum levels of thyroid hormones

Lucija Krce – Experimental Investigation and Modelling of Bacterial Growth and Inactivation: E. coli Exposed to Laser-synthesized Silver Nanoparticles

Matea Kanunnikau – Modifying the proteostasis status: the role of cross-organelle communication

Matko Maleš – Different aspects of the mechanism of actions of antimicrobial peptides throughout simulation studies