Ph.D. study of Biophysics at the Faculty of Science, University of Split, was founded in 2007. by prof. dr. emeritus Davor Juretić and dr.sc. Stjepan Marčelja (member of ANU).

Davor Juretić Stjepan Marčelja
prof. dr. emeritus Davor Juretić Academician Stjepan Marčelja

This is an interdisciplinary study in a broader science area. Enrollment can be made after completion of relevant study in physics, biology, chemistry or related scientific branches, such as molecular biology or biochemistry.

In essence, the study is based on research, with less emphasis on formal lecture materials. Elective courses ensure interdisciplinary character of the study and offer courses in physics, biology, and chemistry. This enables students to acquire knowledge in natural sciences that they have not majored in previous studies.

Lecturers and mentors of Postgraduate university study in biophysics are scientifically active researchers, experienced in conducting and managing projects. The core of the study are original scientific investigations made by students in laboratories of the Faculty of Science in Split (PMFST), as well as in the laboratories of partner institutions. These include the Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Studies (ICAST) at the University of Split, the Center of excellence for science and technology – Integration of Mediterranean region (STIM) at the University of Split, the School of Medicine in Split (MEFST), the Mediterian Institute of Life Sciences (MedILS) in Split, the Ruđer Bošković Institute (IRB) in Zagreb and the Institute of Physics (IF) in Zagreb.

A scientific basis of the study is provided by scientific projects lead by mentors. Students, in cooperation with mentors, conduct research, publish scientific articles and complete Ph.D. dissertation. In this way, they elevate the border of our knowledge about life, and at the same time this cooperative work offer practical knowledge in medicine, veterinary science, and agronomy.